My Short Time with Powerful and Charismatic Singer Peter Gabriel

A great blast from the past!! A few weeks after the song Games Without Frontier came out in '86, along with "In Your Eyes" a tasty gig came my way. My vibrating beeper suddenly woke up, which back then meant a client was trying to reach me for a photo shoot or someone wanted to buy coke from their dealer if that was their scheme.

Then the same client rang my phone before I could check the number on the beeper. I grabbed the receiver placed it on my ear and this client said "hey are you free for the next few days... how about going to Philadelphia and spend a couple of days with Peter Gabriel." It was the early stage of my photography career and to me it sounded as if someone called me saying on flashing capital letters, "Dude you just won the LOTTO!! Caaaaan youuu DIG iiiit?"

ZOOM ZOOM and there I was in the City of Brotherly Love hanging out with Peter.
During our brief time together I discovered many great things about this cerebral artist, his love for humanity, his strong belief for current issues and his unyielding passion for politics which he perfectly and harmoniously blended with his musical talent. A genuine genius and social justice warrior.
Our last day together Peter pulled out a couple wrist bands. At that point he placed one on my right wrist next to my watch then I copycat his moved. He called it "friendship bracelets” and told me to make a wish at that moment, not to take it off and that when nature took its toll on it not to be sad, to let it go and the wish would happen. There wasn't much for me to say then and I kept moving my head up and down.

Years went by and true to my word I never took it off and it stayed on my wrist until it literally felt apart. I didn't want it to disappear at all ... I even shed tears when finally it was swallowed by my trashcan and by then I couldn’t even remember what the original wish had been.

I really get attached to things, or so I have been told... who knows it could be my ADHD. But that lost felt almost the same as when I found out that daddy and mum were Santa.
Where ever you are #petergrabriel I send you love and wish you well my friend.

Photographer's Camera Kicked by Rock Singer Josh Homme

Today I read something that happened almost two weeks ago which occurred during a Queens of the Stone Age concert when a video clip shows its frontman Josh Homme striking the camera of  photographer Chelsea Lauren which ended up also kicking her on the head. 

As a man and photographer let me say from the go, that kicking anybody anywhere is wrong. From the video it shows Mr Homme kicking Ms. Lauren's camera, which is disgusting, then got worse since her camera also hit her face which sent her to the hospital. I dont think that race, gender, or whatever could be add to this has anything to do with any of what went down. By reading the article and comments I discovered that the singer also kicked male photographers as well but none of that matters for what he did was wrong. Obviously he was in the zone, probably high on something, and acting like a lunatic like many bands do and probably didn’t know what he was doing even if it was the erroneous thing to do. If I had been the singer/band I would issue an apology right away, which he did when most celebs never do, I would replace her camera if it was broken and pay any medical bills due. I would also invite Ms. Lauren to be at my next concert with all expenses paid, plane/hotel, and to have full front/backstage/anywhere access from the moment the bus arrived until it leaves with the band. And of course I would make sure not to kick anybody again.

Too many terrible things done mostly by men has been coming down the pipe and I am glad that is been put on display specially by the moving force of strong and courageous women who had been abused and denigrated for too many years until they say "BASTA" and from there it gave birth to "MeToo" as a rallying cry to fight back any sexual abuses. Let's also keep in mind that not all men are equal, not all men are pigs and not everything is done with evil intentions for the sake of assaulting and disparaging any person due to their gender. Mistakes do happen and a direct conversation and an apology should suffice instead of yelling then pointing the finger at an innocent person. There is too much drama going on specially here in the USA and is getting to the point that even an innocuous handshake or a hug from a friend, a colleague, a teacher or a coach could be construed the wrong way. All it takes is an instigator to install the wrong counsel in someone’s head and to make it worse for all. But the painful reality is that most of these women are telling the truth. For a few of them vindication finally is arriving but at a terrible price while the stories of many more have been shoved to the side.

After reading my blog a long time dear friend wrote me and educated with some facts which I was oblivious to it. Is difficult to fathom that 1 our of every 6 women in the USA as been a victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. With sadness and pain I also discovered that my friend, who is very strong and can stand on her own, was raped when she was 4 years old. What sick influential person goes around acting like an animal while destroying the life and future of young girls or for that matter of any age?

All these new revelations is also making it difficult for men of great character and integrity for it have placed them on the edge and afraid that any wrong move can be construe the wrong way.

How difficult will be for people of great intention to work with others, be a mentor, a coach, become friends or date in the future? Most couple meet at their work places so if Joe ask Liza out and she said no, like it happens in real life, then a few weeks later Joe asked her again, like most men do when pursuing a girl they like, then she can easily go to her boss and say, “I can’t sleep now and due to the stress cant eat either for Joe had asked me twice about going out and I said no already.” Next day Joe is fired and send home.

Who in here hasn’t asked a man or a woman out and was turned down. Then later you see that couple dating and one of them saying, “She/he kept asking me out and I kept saying no. I was even getting flowers each week then finally we went to supper and the rest is history.” That is how humanity functions and the same goes for the rest of the animal kingdom. This new social behavior happening in the USA is troubling and accusations on the wrong person, even if the percentage is low, could continue which for others may lead to isolation and sitting most of the time behind a computer instead of been part of the human race and enjoy life.

Lets reflect and try not to jump so easily into the bandwagon, with arms and missiles ready to launch, and to loose all the respect for someone we admire without checking out all the details or who the accused really is or worse without given that person the benefit that him/her could be totally innocent yet once that line is crossed we had destroyed someone based on hearsay and emotions or worse someone else pushing us to go that slippery road. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 4.45.46 PM.png

Miguel Bezos the Cuban Father and force Behind Amazon Jeff Bezos

I found this Wonderful and inspiring story of Miguel Bezos the Cuban father and the man behind the success of the richest man on the planet Jeff Bezos! The founder and genius behind Amazon. Another example of the strong will, hard working style and success of Cubans everywhere. It doesn't matter where anybody comes from into the USA or if you don't speak the language. And just like Miguel I sure didn't speak it either. Is all about becoming part of the grain and flowing positively until one day we wake up dreaming in English. Is about going after something we love with unlimited passion and a strong belief that can push off beyond the limits until is done right. Nothing comes easy and sitting, thinking and waiting won't take us anywhere at all so get off your rear end and make it happen and in the process be kind and help others to become better people, and lets teach children to respect women the same way they do with their mum and sisters. So proud of my Cuban roots.

Photo by Bezos Family Foundation

Photo by Bezos Family Foundation


China Women Workforce

Many women in China work the fields and take care of the farm while their husbands go to factories or other towns for jobs. But for the past few years women in China are leaving the safety and tranquility of their farms searching for other jobs done by men in China... jobs which are normally done in other nations by men.

Now women in China represents 47% of the workforce and they work just as hard as men yet they only make around 60% of what male workers get. In most wealthy countries men also make more than women. If a woman is doing the same job as well as the next man then she should get pay equally. 


Matilde Emilia Happy Mum's Day

Hallo Matilde Emilia,

A few days ago I found a photo of you mum, back when you were a teen and a dancing queen. And wish I had been there to see what your world was like then.

You face is a happy one, as if saying, "world here I come."

I still have some of your long letters and birthday cards that you wrote me as a boy, as a teen when I left home, and as a man.

On my dreams your face visits me and your beautiful eyes, the color of the sky, watch over me. Your soft hair, with golden tones, still flirts with the wind and flies away with the late afternoon clouds.

You talk to me but your voice is silent and your hugs are empty, yet you look over me.
I study my hands and long fingers and I see your hands on me. I wish there was more of you on me... I pray I could have you again.

I wish you could hold my hand as when I was a kid... I wish I could hold your hand as when I became a man.
Those beautiful strong hands who took care of me and tenderly dried my tears, who sang, talked to me and gave me discipline.

Those hands who painted rainbows, created far away worlds and placed a pencil on my fingers

A few days ago I found a photo of you mum, back when you were a teen and a dancing queen.

Manuello Paganelli © May 8 2016


A Rotten Bad Photo Business Deal

Bad financial deals come in all forms & ways but they are all the same rotten BAD DEALS lurking and hoping to suck your creative talent  for free. So when they arrive just run fast the other way and in doing so let the greedy selfish client knows who runs the show. 

Dear Shannon,

I was traveling to Cuba and my studio manager shared with me all your email exchanges. To obtain that perfect image that you want to use of Liz, not including my fee & talent, a significant monetary investment was required for: studio rental, limo services, camera gears, strobes, high tech equipment, three assistants, clothes/shoes stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist, several high end props and a fine catering company. In fact our 3rd assistant got paid a lot more than what you offered to pay for licensing my image, actually, you first wanted to use it for free.

You see we have a busy shooting studio with trusted hard working crew, lots of very expensive toys which honestly for the most part I don't know what they are, a large overhead and to maintain it well oiled comes with a substantial price and offering only $150.00, and a photo credit line which is a given, will sink us.

For what you described the licensing rights will be for a large, 12 pages both for print and digital which will raise the education level on the new treatments, technology, and research that is changing the way patients can control and improve their cardiovascular health.  This will be a very expensive advertorial campaign which at the end my beautiful celebrity image will be the magnetic marketing force.

You are on the field of heart wellness and informing the public of the dedication needed and the high price that comes for not keeping a balance healthy lifestyle.  I am also a believer and practitioner of keeping my body and mind in top shape. And I am a also a strong advocate on keeping my photography and photo industry in a healthy shape with the firm belief on the protection of artists © rights, the value of our creation and that ANY photo used is a photo paid for. 

Those are business essentials which for years, although not always perfect, have been honored all across the board and fairly compensated for. The same for the team of designers, the printing company, the paper & ink suppliers, the high tech machines and all the great talented people working on your large project who are getting a check for their efforts just the same way you get a check for writing me emails and doing your job. 

I too want to enjoy the great things of life and be able to provided for my family and kids and keep sending them to their private schools, trips to Europe and now and then fly with my beautiful wife to NYC  to watch a show in Broadway.

I never intended in been that photographer who shoots for free and drives a Ford Pinto. In doing a quick search, and the ironic on this, I discovered that the CEO for the Heart Association, which is funding this project, is been compensated with nearly 1.5 million.  Surely she isn't driving a Pinto! 

So why should I, a respected successful photographer with a long list of top clients, provide my innate talent, experience and powerful images for nothing at all? 

To be a professional photographer is not easy, specially when everybody thinks that they can shoot with their iPhone. A real photographer, besides clicking the camera/phone shutter then turning it into a Picasso painting with a single apps, requires all the right ingredients, ample amount of luck, talent helps too, large investment or trust fund (mostly sweat & bleed until you pay it all),  years of photo/art school (for me medical school), tons of experience, wonderful clients who understand the worth of an image and the sharp on-the-go wise decision making.

None of those things come fast or easy and, like a strong old tree deeply rooted, are fermented with the passing of time.

Sadly, I wish that I could help you with this project but it will not be possible,  and very unfair,  if we need to subsidise. The only way I can even consider license my image is if the right amount of money is send directly to my bank account.




Los Angeles California


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