This is the end for the Washington Post at 1150 15th St. NW to 1301 K St. NW which has been its home since 1950.

Two days ago in the newsroom a large celebration, with a marching band, took place to commemorate the historical occasion.

The two Watergate stars journalist Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were also present for the occasion for a final farewell to their home. So much history & compelling stories were written at 1150 15 St NW. Articles published at the paper brought plenty of powerful men down from their glory days to their knees and also turned regular Joes into household names.

Far away from Washington DC and watching this moment on the news gave me a desire of been also there.

I will never forget the wonderful folks I met in that building & the

great photo breaks I was given as a young photographer at the Post from

86'-88'. At that time the bulk of my freelance newspaper/wired photo

rotation went from the Post to USA Today and Reuters.
I spent many hours at the Post dropping my film, talking to my photo editors or just

hanging around & eating at the cafeteria with some of my peeps.

Not photo or art school would had ever taught me the countless photojournalism or life

experiences that I learned during those early years from the many photo

editors and photo friends. So many reasons to be grateful today.

I was always asking questions and observing while absorbing it all I

could. Then crazy happy running from place A to B and sometimes C for

another photo shoot. With not GPS back then or sense or direction then

or now, for a few days, I got to know DC well until the next week when I

would get lost again.

My GPS was quite simple:
Me: "excuse me Sir/Ma'am is this the way back to downtown DC. You know where the Wash Post is on 15th Street NW?"
Sir/Ma'm: "son you just asked me the same question 10 minutes ago when you drove by... there is somethin' wrong with you."

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