A Rotten Bad Photo Business Deal

Bad financial deals come in all forms & ways but they are all the same rotten BAD DEALS lurking and hoping to suck your creative talent  for free. So when they arrive just run fast the other way and in doing so let the greedy selfish client knows who runs the show. 

Dear Shannon,

I was traveling to Cuba and my studio manager shared with me all your email exchanges. To obtain that perfect image that you want to use of Liz, not including my fee & talent, a significant monetary investment was required for: studio rental, limo services, camera gears, strobes, high tech equipment, three assistants, clothes/shoes stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist, several high end props and a fine catering company. In fact our 3rd assistant got paid a lot more than what you offered to pay for licensing my image, actually, you first wanted to use it for free.

You see we have a busy shooting studio with trusted hard working crew, lots of very expensive toys which honestly for the most part I don't know what they are, a large overhead and to maintain it well oiled comes with a substantial price and offering only $150.00, and a photo credit line which is a given, will sink us.

For what you described the licensing rights will be for a large, 12 pages both for print and digital which will raise the education level on the new treatments, technology, and research that is changing the way patients can control and improve their cardiovascular health.  This will be a very expensive advertorial campaign which at the end my beautiful celebrity image will be the magnetic marketing force.

You are on the field of heart wellness and informing the public of the dedication needed and the high price that comes for not keeping a balance healthy lifestyle.  I am also a believer and practitioner of keeping my body and mind in top shape. And I am a also a strong advocate on keeping my photography and photo industry in a healthy shape with the firm belief on the protection of artists © rights, the value of our creation and that ANY photo used is a photo paid for. 

Those are business essentials which for years, although not always perfect, have been honored all across the board and fairly compensated for. The same for the team of designers, the printing company, the paper & ink suppliers, the high tech machines and all the great talented people working on your large project who are getting a check for their efforts just the same way you get a check for writing me emails and doing your job. 

I too want to enjoy the great things of life and be able to provided for my family and kids and keep sending them to their private schools, trips to Europe and now and then fly with my beautiful wife to NYC  to watch a show in Broadway.

I never intended in been that photographer who shoots for free and drives a Ford Pinto. In doing a quick search, and the ironic on this, I discovered that the CEO for the Heart Association, which is funding this project, is been compensated with nearly 1.5 million.  Surely she isn't driving a Pinto! 

So why should I, a respected successful photographer with a long list of top clients, provide my innate talent, experience and powerful images for nothing at all? 

To be a professional photographer is not easy, specially when everybody thinks that they can shoot with their iPhone. A real photographer, besides clicking the camera/phone shutter then turning it into a Picasso painting with a single apps, requires all the right ingredients, ample amount of luck, talent helps too, large investment or trust fund (mostly sweat & bleed until you pay it all),  years of photo/art school (for me medical school), tons of experience, wonderful clients who understand the worth of an image and the sharp on-the-go wise decision making.

None of those things come fast or easy and, like a strong old tree deeply rooted, are fermented with the passing of time.

Sadly, I wish that I could help you with this project but it will not be possible,  and very unfair,  if we need to subsidise. The only way I can even consider license my image is if the right amount of money is send directly to my bank account.




Los Angeles California

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